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A reliable euro-pegged digital asset for your transactions 


A hybrid asset for today's modern world

We provide you with the advantages of digital assets and blockchain combined with the stability of one of the world's most-traded currency.

Fully reserved and compliant with international standards

       EURL       is backed by fully reserved FIAT Euros on a Société Générale bank account. Our digital asset is based on the Tezos technology!

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Our commitment

Lugh's commitment is to provide a transparent, secured and stable digital asset : 1 EURL is always equal to 1 €. 

For this purpose, PwC issues a report on the number of EURL tokens issued and the balance of the associated bank account at Société Générale.


In order to provide you with full transparency, these reports are made available to you below.

Trust and transparency

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Our partners


Coinhouse is the first exchange we chose to list EURL on its platform!